​​Butler University

Indianapolis, Indiana


Kaitlyn worked at the Butler Catholic Community first as the Chaplain's apprentice from 2011-2013 as a part of the Echo Faith Formation and Leadership Program and then was named the Director of Campus Ministry from 2013-2014. 

During her time at Butler, Kaitlyn founded several groups within the organization, including Women's Ministry, Serving By Stitching, and Saints for Our Lives (Sol). She also started an annual Alternative Spring Break program and made significant improvements to the way that the organization was run, including starting an internship and reforming the leadership team. 

For more information about the BCC, visit butler-catholic.org.

University of Dallas Campus Ministry


University of Notre Dame

South Bend, Indiana and Indianapolis, Indiana

The Echo Faith Formation and Leadership Program is a fully funded two year program at the University of Notre Dame that combines spiritual, academic, and communal formation with academic training. As an alumna of the Echo program, Kaitlyn received her MA in Theology while working at the Butler Catholic Community. 

For more information about Echo, please visit https://echo.nd.edu/

Echo Faith Formation and Leadership Program

Butler Catholic Community

Ministry Experience

Kaitlyn Willy

Holy Family of Nazareth, Total Youth Ministry

“Teaching is performed in generosity; learning is accomplished in joy.” -Louise Cowan, PhD

University of Dallas

Irving, Texas


Kaitlyn worked in Campus Ministry at the University of Dallas as a student worker. This position included running the front desk, working closely with the ministry staff, designing both the liturgical song sheets and the bulletin, maintaining the website, maintaining parish baptismal records, and cooking at Dinner and Discourse and Open Anselm, two of the ministries run by campus ministry at UD. 

In addition, Kaitlyn worked on the retreat team for the Freshman Retreat all three years, acting as the co-director of the retreat the last year. Kaitlyn also worked on the Awakening Retreat. 


Holy Family of Nazareth Catholic Church

Irving, Texas

During her junior year at the University of Dallas, Kaitlyn worked a 20 hour per week internship at Holy Family of Nazareth. As an intern, Kaitlyn was in charge of maintaining attendance records, communicating with parents, running social media, and designing marketing materials. In addition to this, Kaitlyn participated in and frequently ran youth nights and was a member of the retreat team. 

During her senior year, Kaitlyn was hired as the assistant youth minister and continued the tasks from her internship with an added focus on leadership.